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აკადემიური წიგნი, 2018, 72 გვ.

 ISBN: 978-9941-9616-4-9

Sir O. Wardrop, English-Svanetian Dictionay, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 1911, XVI, 589-634.








THE recent establishment of a fund in the University of Oxford for the encouragement of the study of the Georgian family of languages may in the course of time attract the attention of British philologists to the Western Caucasus, and an increasing stream of travelers will doubtless find their way thither seeking knowledge, health, sport, and scenery; it is for such visitors that the following vocabulary has been compiled. More than twenty years ago the late Mr. D. Peacock included Svanetian among the five languages of which he published vocabularies in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, but the material was scanty, and a large number of errors are to be found in it. Most of the books on the subject are in Russian, and the script into which the Svanetian words are transliterated is troublesome and is inconsistently used. What is required is an exact record of the spoken language by means of the phonograph, and it is to be hoped that some British student may undertake the task before long. All that is attempted here is to give a starting-point for serious study. As many forms as possible have been included, and no attempt has been made to distinguish the dialects of Upper and Lower Svanetia. The spelling is phonetic as far as may be. The abbreviation G. shows that there are Georgian words strikingly similar, and generally, though not always, having the same meaning; many of such words are borrowed by the Georgian from other languages.

The following bibliographical note may be useful, though it does not claim to be by any means a complete list of the books on the subject: 1.     Lushnu Anban, Svanetskaya Azbulca. Tiflis, 1804. Published by the Society for the Propagation of Christianity in the Caucasus. Baron Uslar is believed to be its author. It is still a most useful book to a student of the language, but copies are rare. Among its merits may be mentioned the Georgian translation of every word, as well as the Russian. It gives several specimens of the language in the form of prayers, Bible history, and a few phrases. 2.     Vol. X of Sbornik materialov dlya opisaniya Kavkazacontaining four lists of words collected by I. Nizharadze (himself a Svanetian), M. Zavadskii, A. Stoyanov, and A. Gren; the systems of transliteration employed are inconsistent and irritating. There are also ethnographical, statistical, and other sketches, folk-tales, folk-songs with music, etc. 3. The Proceedings (Trudy) of the Fifth Archaeological Congress, Tiflis, 1881, with an article by A. I. Stoyanov. 4.  A. Tsagareli, 0 grammaticheskoi literaturie gruzinskago yazyka. St. Petersburg, 1878. pp. 70-9 and 81.  5. A. Tsagareli, Sravnitelnii Obzor morfologii. St. Petersburg, 1872 (lithographed). 6. Uslar, in vol. ix. of Shornik svedenii o kavkazskieh gortsakh, p. 4. The above are only of use to those who read Russian. 7. Rosen, Ueber das Mingrelische, Sua'nische, u. Abchasische. 8. Fr. Bopp, Die Kaukasischen Glieder des Indo-Europaeischen Sprachstamms. Berlin, 1847. 9.     Max Müller, Languages of the Seat of War, p. 114. 10. Ferd. Bork, Kaukasische Miscellen. Königsberg, 1907. 11.  R. von Erckert, Die Sprachen des Kaukasischen Stammes. Wien, 1895. 12.  D. Peacock, Original Vocabularies of Five West Caucasian Languages: JRAS., Vol. XIX, Pt. I, 1887. 13. G. Radde's Reisen (v. infra), on pp. 84-91, contains a vocabulary. The. following authors of works relating to Svanetia, but not dealing especially with the language, may be mentioned: D. Freshfield, Mummery, C. Phillips-Woolley, von Dechy, Merzbacher, Nadiezhdin, Dubrovin, Gamrekeli, Mamatsov, Nemirovich-Danchenko, Shakhovskoi, Bartolomaei, Dobrovolskii, Gilev, К. A. Borozdin, Gabriel Cicodze (late Bishop of Imeretia). D. Bakradze (in vol. vi, 1867, of Memoirs of Caucasian Section of Russ. Geog. Soc., in Nos. 1, 2, and 4 of newspaper Kavkaz for 1867 and Nos. 59, 77, and 80 of Kavkaz for 1877: also reprinted at Tiflis in 1877 as a small pamphlet of 37 pages), A. I. Stoyanov (in vol. x of Memoirs of Caucasian Section of' Russ. Geog. Soc., pp. 289-472, Tifiis, 1876 - travels, topography, etc.), G. Radde (in vol. vii, 1868, of Memoirs of Caucasian Section of Russ. Geog. Soc., 222 pp., chiefly biological and geographical, being a Russian translation of Reisen im Mingrelischcn Hochgebirge, Tifiis, 1866, with three maps and nine plates in separate atlas in 4to), R. Bernoville (La Souanethie libre, Paris, 1875, 4to, 181 pp., with seven plates, illustrations in text, and map - chiefly historical and ethnographical), G. D. Filimonov (in Viestnik of Society of Ancient Russian Art, Moscow, 1870 - archaeology), M. Kovalevsky's Law and Custom in the Caucasus (Moscow, 1890), and numerous articles in the Georgian and other newspapers and periodicals of Transcaucasia.

The late Miss Marjory Wardrop left in manuscript An English translation of a collection of Svanetian folk-tales which may be published shortly.




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