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Leif H. Smith and Todd M. Kays - Sports Psychology For Dummies

  • Leif H. Smith and Todd M. Kays - Sports Psychology For Dummies
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ISBN 978-0-470-67659-2

2010, 362 p


About the Authors

Leif H. Smith, PsyD, is the president of Personal Best Consulting, a sports psychology and performance consultation fi rm located in Hilliard, Ohio. He has worked with hundreds of individual athletes from all walks of life — from amateurs and weekend warriors to professional athletes from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League. Leif’s company contracts with the Department of Athletics at The Ohio State University to provide counseling and performance consultation to its 36 sports and nearly 1,000 athletes. He has also worked with teams and athletes from The University of Iowa and Duquesne University, among others. Leif is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Dayton, teaching graduate courses in clinical assessment. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and did his postdoctoral fellowship in applied sports psychology and counseling at The Ohio State University Sports Medicine Center. His work has been cited in publications such as The New York Times, The Columbus Dispatch, and Entrepreneur magazine, among others.

Todd M. Kays, PhD, is president of the Athletic Mind Institute, a sports and

performance consulting fi rm in Dublin, Ohio. He is a licensed psychologist, devoted to helping athletes and people of all walks of life achieve peak performance on a consistent and frequent basis. He attended the University of Notre Dame for his undergraduate degree and earned his doctorate at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His training and guidance have helped hundreds of athletes eliminate the most common mental errors and breakdowns in sports. For fi ve years, Todd was the sports psychologist for the Columbus Crew, the major league soccer team in Columbus, Ohio; he continues to work with numerous soccer players and coaches throughout the country. He has consulted with athletes and coaches from all different levels of sports, including Major League Soccer, USA Olympic Hockey, the Professional Golf Association, and the Ladies Professional Golf Association. He consults regularly with the athletic departments at The Ohio State University and Ohio University, both of which he serves as an adjunct faculty member. Todd was the fi rst sports psychology fellow at The Ohio State University, training several athletes, coaches, and teams, including national champions, all-Americans, and Olympians. He has coauthored two books — Positive Transitions for Student Athletes: Life Skills for Transitions in Sport, College, and Career (Holcomb Hathaway Publishing) and The Parent’s Playbook: Developing a Gameplan for Maximizing Your Child’s Athletic Experience (Champion Athletic Consulting ) — and produced Peak Mental Performance in Golf: Sharpening the Mental Side of Your Game, a CD, book, and video series addressing mental training for the sport of golf. Todd has appeared on radio and television and in newspapers and magazines, including ESPN, Fox Sports, the New York Post, and NASCAR Illustrated. 

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