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გიორგი V ბრწყინვალეს კანონები

  • გიორგი V ბრწყინვალეს კანონები
  • გიორგი V ბრწყინვალეს კანონები
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ინგლისურად თარგმნა ოლივერ უორდროპმა

აკადემიური წიგნი, თბილისი 2018, 36 გვ. 

ISBN: 978-9941-9574-6-8


Sir Oliver Wardrop, Laws of King George V, of Georgia, Surnamed "The Brilliant",

The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, (Jul., 1914), Cambridge University Press, pp. 607-626.


George V the Brilliant (Giorgi V Brtskinvale, 1289–1346) was the King of Georgia in the 13th and 14th centuries. He recovered Georgia from a century-long Mongol domination, restoring the country’s previous strength and Christian culture.

The Laws of George are the oldest original fragments of Georgian legislation. The reader should remember that these Laws are not those of the kingdom of Georgia, but ordinances, influenced by Georgian law and based on the customs of a remote and disorderly district and designed to pacify that district. Though of local application they are founded on those general Georgian principles of jurisprudence which were held in common by both high­landers and lowlanders.

The text is of extraordinary interest to students of comparative jurisprudence; they are based upon the most ancient customs of the Georgian race and might profitably engage the attention of Assyriologists.

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